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  • xmasnwhales
  • greyhound
  • earthling rebellion (w/ franf)
  • hot sexy ladies
  • dude
  • msick
  • aeon
  • ladeda
  • let's go kill some arabs
  • monks
  • for susie
  • warm n fuzzy
  • control reborn
  • leaving vancouver
  • new century
  • 7d
These are some of my favorite songs.

The Bootlegger Soundtrack CD soft release has started, with digital downloads and a page on this website coming in the future. It's mostly new music, most of which isn't on this website yet.. which hasn't been updated in years.... :)
The Bootlegger (this is the film's website).
site moved ... (links fixed now :))
The Zielinski Soundtrack is available at and ITUNES!!
If you hit play on a song and it doesn't work, it's probably because you need to hit play/pause again a couple of times, or you need to be patient and wait for it to buffer. It works for me most of the time but it's a little buggy.
The album title "You Are a Demon" came from a dream. It's also about hypocrisy and nonduality.
Finally got this ready. Just click on the link above or the icon at the top.
Zielinski is playing at the True/False Film Festival. I swear the music will be ready by then. :)
Re: "let's go kill some arabs" song. Yes, I know that 'arabs' is the wrong word to use there but it sounded good so I went with it. :) It's sarcasm, etc.
Slamdance 2011!
New look! Will update soon with the ability to buy and download the soundtrack.
Working much better in IE!
I have no idea if it will in old IE. Get firefox or chrome!
Welcome to :)
This is a work in progress. It doesn't work right in IE. Screw IE.
Click on the icons above for more music. Click on my name to go back here. Click on a song to start playing!

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